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Volumetric Media Production Blended Learning Course

True View technology enables creating volumetric contents within cloud environment. This project is based on the latest True View architechture and system capabilities. 
It was planned to hire a dedicated crew of Production employees, that had to learn about overall system environment and capabilities, and operating Volumetric Media Production software. There are different types of systems\ software involved in this process, such as: DreamCatcher (online production), FreeCam (setting manual virtual camera movements), Tee Control (cloud processes management and monitoring system), VCT (Virtual Camera Movement - auto settings), etc. 
Since this course includes a wide range of software that is mostly available for the end-user to reach from their home environment, it was decided to implement a Blended learning approach. It combines both online self-learning and live webinars. Learners receive a course curriculum\ schedule and start online course learning with relevant materials. By the end of each learning topic (session), there is an online webinar session (optionally live) that includes exposing learners directly to work with the software and have more explanations from the trainer (expert) that supports these sessions.

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Project Aspects

Learning Needs Analysis
Work with tech SMEs
Instructional design
Video tutorials

Volumetric Production crew