Google Site developed for our venues techs including job aids, tests, troubleshooting, etc.

Intel Sports Technicians Site

Most of the technical crew on Intel Sports venues were hired as "green" badges in Intel, while getting to work on particulate projects, such as: site installation or servers\cameras maintenance or support services. Besides, our venue systems vary in their architectures and hardware components, including connectivity and particular configurations, which requires dividing contents and testing sections accordingly.

This project main targets were to:
 - Make sure all tech employees aqcuire up-to-date knowledge
 - The content is accessible for the pre-defined group of techs (Intel environments are not available for most of them)
 - Tech Lead has an option to edit\update materials, review online tests
 - Develop knowledgebase that includes simplified and friendly job aids content
 - Develop online testing (Google based) that presents the statistics analysis

Tech Site (Intel Sports)




Project Aspects

Learning Needs Analysis
Work with tech SMEs
Site development 
- Google Sites
Instructional design
Online testing

Technical crew (venues)