In-house Learning Management System for Intel Sport employees

Intel Sports In-house LMS - Learning Portal Development

This project began on early stages of Intel aqcuiring Replay Technologies startup (True View) in 2016. At that point Intel was recruiting new employees, while volumetric content creation and the internal processes required a dedicated learning development. 
The company consisted of 5 major elements that were basic for this field understanding: Image Processing, System Integrations, IT, Visual Hardware Design and Venue operations. Later, there were more contents added from the Voke startup (True VR) that also was part of Intel Sports.
Each position had it's particular learning path that was developed together with IS Team Leads and Subject Matter Experts. Each learning path included it's own milestones and online testing, while dedicated team experts were defined as Learning Leads. Our LMs enables them to manage their learners, follow-up after their progress and evaluate them. Each learner gets certified upon completion of the dedicated learning path.
Besides, this portal is also used as our knowledgebase system, that enables any IS employee to review learning materials from various fields.

Learning Portal (Intel Sports)




Project Aspects

Learning Needs Analysis
Work with multiple SMEs
Site development
Instructional design

R&D and Operations (venues)