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FreeDtor Software E-learning

The following e-learning example refers to Intel Sports in-house software developed to enable on venue operators creating volumetric clips (sports highlights). 

FreeDtor application has multiple functionality, so e-learning is separated into smaller sections to enable covering each topic separately, while testing it in the app itself. Operator can work in two modes: during Live event or in Post Production (using a recorded content). Each mode explanation consists of separate list of topics with the related steps to perform. For example, operator starts by looking the frame of interest using the timeline bar and adding marks. Optionally, he can select the moment of interes in a live streaming. Next step is setting the type of the virtual camera movement and it's parameters. Operator can also add clip effects and\or combine between some of the clips.

Besides, this e-learning includes instructions to work with additional hardware element, MIDI device that is used as a controlling hardware. This adds another complexity, since user has to learn operating the application with MIDI as well as using only UI elements.




Project Aspects

Learning Needs Analysis
Work with R&D and venue ops SMEs
Instructional design
Articulate Storyline

Volumetric Production crew